4 Great Alternatives to 4 Overhyped Headphones


Shopping for headphones is like shopping for wine.

1) Everyone has an opinion, but few people really know what they’re talking about.

2) Buy something under $5, and you’ll wake up the next morning with a headache.

3) Buy something over $1,000, and you won’t notice the difference unless you’re a connoisseur.

4) Most people will buy solely based on price and label, feel quietly insecure, then retroactively justify their purchase, despite knowing next to nothing.

Enough is enough. Dump out that $4 Chardonnay. Sell your $1,300 Bordeaux. And most of all, stop buying the hype and start shopping smart. Here are four great alternatives to four popular, overhyped headphones.

Apple EarPods ($29)

The Hype

Apple EarPods are, in many ways, the distillation of every invention in human history. For the first time, we have a product that blends the power of technology with the beauty of the human figure…

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