5 Reasons QR Codes Are The Worst


5 Reasons QR Codes Are The Worst image anti QR codeThough 2014 is drawing near, there is much of the population that still insist on using QR codes. And all its ridiculously outdated glory. From business cards, to company logos, to T-shirts that sport the website-location tech, these codes are still be blasted on every surface imaginable. As a QR code hater from the very beginning, it’s enough to make me want to give up on the Internet all together (well, almost). But now that upgraded, better working tactics have made their way into the world, these blotchy squares are a glaring reminder of things no longer necessary. (Or at all, IMO.)

For guilty parties and fellow haters alike, here are the top five reasons to nix the codes once and for all.

5. They’re Ugly

Really ugly. Who wants to stare at an undecipherable box when colors or words could be used instead? Worse is QR codes usually sit…

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