Christmas expectations, then and now

Word to the Wise

Toys to Technology. There is no clearer way to describe the evolution of Christmas presents.

After spending a visit at Pitman Manor this past week, I learned so much about how Christmas used to be many years ago. The Manor is decorated beautifully with holiday decor on every floor, which compelled me to ask some passerbyers about their favorite holiday memories.

Most of the stories I heard shared one thing in common, simplicity. Most residents I spoke with recall only receiving two or three presents on Christmas morning. Almost all of those things were simple items like dolls, or even a pack of balloons.

Mary Garrison, a resident at the Manor, recalls exactly how much Christmas costed when she was a girl.

“My mother kept a log of what she spent on Christmas when I was growing up, and I kept it to this day,” said Garrison. “It says here…

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