The Top 5 4G predictions for 2014

The LTE World Series Blog

Top five.As we hit the end of the calendar year, we take a look into the crystal ball to see what’s ahead for LTE in 2014.

  1. lte-advanced-logo-rgb-lLTE-A (Wide commercial LTE Advanced deployment)
    The number one prediction for LTE in 2014 is something of a ‘no brainer’, as Kevin Bacon would say. – LTE Advanced will become a commercial reality in several networks. LTE Advanced consists of several improvements over standard LTE, but the key one is carrier aggregation, enabling different frequencies to be combined and treated as one channel of bandwidth, delivering great performance. Demos have shown speeds of up to 300Mbps – doubling existing speeds.Not surprisingly, the South Korean’s are ahead of the game and deployed LTE Advanced back in June, with a special variant of the Galaxy S4 as the supported handset.In the UK, EE is trialling LTE-A in ‘Tech City’ in central London, with an aim…

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