WhatsApp might be poised to take over the world (provided it hasn’t already)

The Context Of Things

Check out this chart, which I found over on Quartz:


The dominant social messaging app all over the world (in terms of areas, not necessarily per capita) is a thing called WhatsApp, which I had admittedly only heard of once before today. It limits your sending to text and emoticons — it doesn’t care about the Asian chat app and sticker businesses cropping up, which is the focus of the above Quartz article — and its central business premise is that you can message over Wi-Fi, as opposed to racking up data usage charges on your phone bill. WhatsApp is four years old — so it’s vaguely a joke that I’ve never heard of it — and here’s some important data on it, via Reuters:

WhatsApp boasts 90 percent penetration among iPhone and Android smartphone users in several countries, including Mexico, Italy, and India, according to an app analysis firm…

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