WunWun, The Uber For Anything, Implements Surge Pricing


deliveryWunWun, the on-demand delivery service for anything, is changing things up a bit to streamline operations.

The company is introducing some version of surge pricing, wherein users can pay an extra $10 to “get it now”, rather than wait for free delivery. Both the free delivery ETAs and the “get it now” prices are subject to change based on demand, with a cap at six hours for waiting and $30 for immediate service.

A lot has been said recently about surge pricing, especially as it relates to Uber.

Time will tell if WunWun users will stand for paying higher rates for something they used to get for free, which was super fast and free delivery of anything.

On-demand services seem to be able to get away with surge pricing, as users tend to be more liberal spenders.

The update also allows for an “Indoor delivery” option that costs…

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