Microsoft’s F# Gains Momentum


Microsoft’s F# programming language continues to catch on with developers and is gaining traction in the enterprise.

The language currently sits at No. 26 on the latest TIOBE Index of the most popular programming languages, ahead of other functional programming languages such as Erlang (36), Scheme (37), Scala (42), Haskell (46) and ML (48).

The F# language came out of Microsoft Research Cambridge in the U.K., designed by Microsoft researcher Don Syme. Microsoft began talking publicly about the project as early as 2003. An FAQ on the Microsoft Research site at the time said: “F# is an implementation of the core of the CAMLprogramming language for the .NET Framework, along with cross-language extensions. The aim is to have it work together seamlessly with C#, Visual Basic, SML.NET and other .NET programming languages.”

F# is meant to bridge the best of the functional, imperative, object-oriented and type-classed languages, Microsoft…

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