Teleza Turns Your Mobile Device Into A Dual-SIM Powerhouse


When I was in Shenzhen last month I met James Sung, the guy who brought us original dual SIM Peel case and turned countless iPod Touches into iPhones. Now you can do the same thing, but wirelessly.

His new product, called Teleza, costs $129 and is styled like a high-end cigarette case. It comes in silver and gold and features a built-in battery. It connects to your device via Bluetooth and has buttons to control audio level and a camera remote for selfies.

The Teleza is quad-band GSM compatible. It has two SIM slots can can also act as sort of a speakerphone for your calls, ostensibly allowing you to use it like a handset. It also works with Android.

He’s shipping the devices after Christmas.

While dual-SIM phones are a dime-a-dozen in China, they’re fairly rare over here. I’ve slowly discovered the value of a local SIM card…

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