Utilizing The Tech Savviness in Youth for Household Financial Advancement

New Mexico Family Resource Management

 As one of the poorest states in the nation, New Mexico (NM) needs an economic boost from any possible sources. The youth population is certainly a promising target to focus on in order to alleviate poverty and improve economic conditions in NM. Although some may think that the efforts are surely to be long-term oriented with youths, they may still make immediate impact in the short term.

An area in which the youth are excelling is technology. Youth are relatively more tech savvy and spend more time on high-tech gadgets than the older generations. These technology-related areas include the internet, cell phones, social networking websites, and computer devices.


A win-win situation can be had if these youth would channel these computer skills to help their parents with household management, especially the financial-related ones. The youth and their parents can complement one another; the former being tech savvy and the…

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