5 Ways to Take Great Holiday Photos with Your Smartphone


It seems like many of life’s important moments take place when the lights are low–the holiday lights, kids blowing out birthday cake candles, New Year’s Eve parties. The problem is that low light doesn’t make it easy to document those moments.

That’s because getting a good shot in low light usually requires lengthening the exposure, which leads to blurriness from you or your subject moving. Taking shots too quickly results in under-exposed images.

Of course, you could pop the flash, but you’d also succeed in killing the atmosphere of the shot. So take your phone’s camera out of “Auto” mode and follow these tips to taking great photos in low light.

Raise the ISO Level

Your camera’s ISO setting lets you adjust how sensitive the camera is to light. The higher the ISO, the faster the camera sees the scene with the available light. So you can take photos faster…

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