Amazon Workspaces: What lies ahead and beneath?


On the surface, Amazon’s newly introduced Amazon WorkSpaces is Desktop as a Service. But it may represent a strategy that is actually much deeper than that, and one that could bring whole new customer segments into the Amazon Web Services Marketplace.

Today, in order for enterprise applications to move to the cloud, they have to achieve an “escape velocity” to break free from the company’s data center. Firms often use scorecards to rationalize which applications will escape to the public cloud and which remain in house. Even in firms where the CIO mandates “cloud first” deployment, entrenched corporate culture and fear of cloud often preserves the status quo and hinders a move to the cloud. That is not good news for AWS.

DaaS as gateway to cloud

On the other hand, selling companies desktops in the cloud is nothing but good news for AWS. Each desktop requires CPU, memory…

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