Sony Elevated Standards Audio System… Truly Elevated!

david susilo UNCENSORED


Not too long ago at IFA 2013 in Berlin, Sony announced that they are getting back into audio.  Not only audio, I might add, but high resolution audio and for this Sony has announced a complete new product range of hi-res audio products and an HD music downloads store.  This is a truly one-stop solution from music player (HAP-Z1ES), an elevated standard stereo amplifier (TA-A1ES), a pair of sonically matching floor-standing speaker system (SS-NA2ES) all of which Sony graciously enough to have them to be reviewed at my location where the electrical signal is filtered through Torus Power AVR2-20 and all the wires used are from Kimber Kable’s top of the line offerings.


Cosmetically, this entire line is beyond gorgeous.  No plastic anything anywhere.  It’s full-on metal faceplate, chassis, cover, and they are all of very thick gauges too.  The TA-A1ES stereo amp is a true 2 x 80w…

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