Review: iLuv MobiRock Bluetooth Speaker And Qi Wireless Charger Dock



Last we saw iLuv I reviewed their MobiAir Bluetooth speaker dock and thought it was a pretty nice little dock. This time around I was given access to iLuv’s MobiRock Bluetooth Speaker and Qi Wireless Charging Dock. Read on ahead and see what my thoughts are on this piece of equipment.

The Good

I’ll be honest, the first time I saw the iLuv name I wasn’t expecting much at all. My thoughts were firmly planted on cheap, poorly made, chintzy products. A lot of times companies like to use the “i” moniker to boost sales on Apple’s coattails. But I couldn’t have been more wrong in my assumptions. The MobiAir was a great little dock in its own right, but when I unpacked the MobiRock I was truly blown away. First off, the packaging was just perfect, minimal and well done. The presentation was perfect, when the company makes opening…

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