Singularity assumptions that should be questioned


The upcoming movie, Transcendence, looks like it will be interesting, but the trailer includes common assumptions about the singularity that I’m not sure are justified.

To be sure, the assumptions are held by a lot of singularity believers.  Below I offer some reasons why these assumptions shouldn’t be taken as self evident.

Assumption 1: There is almost infinite room to improve on human intelligence.

There could well be, but I’ve also read some studies that indicate that the human brain may be at an evolutionary optimal state given the laws of physics.  Machine intelligence may be able to go far past organic intelligence, or it may find itself faced with many of the same types of tradeoffs in processing speed, heat dissipation, energy consumption, and other factors.

A lot of this assumption is based on a projection of Moore’s law, the increasing power of computer processing chips.  However, Moore’s…

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