Amazon Holiday-Delivery Woes: Send In the Drones!


A few weeks ago, my mother was complaining about how erratic Amazon had gotten. She uses it to order everything from holiday gifts to household sundries like paper towels. And she told me that the delivery service had recently become annoyingly unreliable.

I confess that my impulse was to wonder if she was exaggerating. I buy a ton of merchandise from Amazon too, and generally find it to be one of the most predictable large companies I deal with.

Then, all of a sudden, almost all of my own Amazon orders failed to arrive on time. (Sorry, Mom, for doubting your account.) It turned out we had lots of company. Here’s GeekWire’s Todd Bishop reporting on UPS and FedEx delays, caused by heavy volume and weather, which prevented some deliveries meant to arrive by Christmas Eve from showing up on time.

As Bishop writes, Amazon took the glitches seriously…

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