Apple renews bid to ban Samsung smartphone sales in the US


Apple(s aapl) might have won some recent battles against Samsung, but it’s still looking to win the war. FOSS Patents reports that Apple on Thursday renewed its motion for a permanent injunction against certain Samsung smartphone sales in the U.S.

Apple is looking to ban Samsung devices that violate a number of patents, including pinch-to-zoom, rubber-banding and tap-to-zoom-and-navigate. What’s interesting is that most of the products named by Apple are no longer even available in the U.S., so a ban on the products identified wouldn’t have much of an immediate effect. But, as FOSS notes:

It’s important to focus on the asserted patents, not the accused products. Obviously, the products that are named in an April 2011 lawsuit (such as the Galaxy S II) are no longer commercially relevant. But Apple is seeking an injunction that would also cover “any other product not more than colorably different from an Infringing Product…

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