NSA’s backdoor catalog exposed: Targets include Juniper, Cisco, Samsung, Huawei


An internal NSA catalog offers spies backdoors into a wide range of equipment from major computing and security vendors, according to an article published by Germany’s Der Spiegel on Sunday, based on leaked documents.

Targets include firewalls from Juniper Networks(s jnpr), hard drives from Western Digital(s wdc), Seagate(s stx), Maxtor(s mxtr) and Samsung, networking gear from Cisco(s csco) and Huawei, and servers from Dell. The documents are from 2007, so other products may have been affected since then. According to the piece, there is no evidence that any of the companies knowingly allowed these backdoors — this seems to be a matter of highly sophisticated hacking and cracking.

According to more specific documents published on Monday by Der Spiegel, the affected network security products and servers include:

  • Cisco 500 series PIX firewalls and most ASA firewalls (5505, 5510, 5520, 5540, 5550)
  • Juniper Networks SSG 500 and SSG 300 series…

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