Etna and Chaparrastique celebrating the end of the year.


Dr Boris Behnke gave us the honor of a visit and explained how Etna functions as a reply to Alyson and dfm.

Quote:” We know pretty well how magma moves below and into Etna. Usually when we get seismic signals at 15-25 km depth and a strong increase in soil CO2 emission at the base of Etna, we have to wait several weeks to months to see the magma arrive at the surface. Such deep earthquakes are in any case somewhere away from Etna, because the deepest earthquakes below Etna are not more than 30 km deep (below that is the partially molten Upper Mantle and there’s no seismic activity there) :-D

We had a very clear CO2 signal this summer, a few months before the current (possibly ongoing) series of paroxysms; the same sequence of events has happened also last fall-winter (before the paroxysms of February-April 2013) and on numerous…

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