The Chromebook Test: Living In Google Chrome For A Month (Part 6)

Technology With A Touch Of Politics


After spending nearly a full week living entirely in Chrome I would say that completing this experiment will be a breeze, as I’ve spent less and less using Windows Applications. The only time I’ve ventured into the world of Windows Applications today was to play a bit of the excellent & addictive Kerbal Space Program.

Chrome only tasks

Everything that I normally do in Chrome such as web browsing, checking me GMail, watching YouTube videos & writing Blog Posts I still do in Chrome, but all but web browsing I’ve got set to act like normal Applications in the Chrome App Launcher, but for web browsing I’ve got Chrome set  to the normal tabbed browser as it’s easier to switch between multiple webpages.

Chrome only tasks that I usually use Windows Applications for

I’ve even converted my use of Microsoft Office from using the Windows Applications to using the Office web…

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