The Internet of Hackable Things


A man walks into an agency and unknowingly sends network passwords to hackers with his “smart” shoes.

Mrs. Andrews looked through her “smart” camera lens at the White House; she didn’t know a hacker in Asia was doing the same.

Mr. Jones didn’t know that his Pentagon audience also included criminals in another state, who recorded everything he said with his ”smart” watch.

Today, these three scenarios sound futuristic. But if expert predictions pan out, the market for wearable technology will explode over the next three years, bringing about the age of the Internet of Things and everyday cybersecurity issues like the aforementioned. And thanks to a recent Symantec finding, hackers aren’t waiting for popular adoption before using what’s already on the market to spy.

You think BYOD is bad now? Hold tight.

What is the Internet of Things?

Kevin Ashton coined the term the Internet of Things in 1999…

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