Your Metadata is Your Public Online ID

Plato on-line

Here’s how data thieves have captured our lives on the internet
‘Metadata are, literally, “data about data”. In the case of a mobile phone, they are the numbers called by the handset, the duration of calls, the geographical location of the phone during the call, etc.

‘In the case of an email, the metadata include the email addresses of sender, addressee, others cc’d, the date and time of dispatch and so on. In web browsing, metadata include a user’s clickstream – ie a list of the URLs visited – and the IP address of the computer running the browser. Hague, Sir Malcolm Rifkind et al maintain that collecting metadata is innocuous because it does not involve reading the content of communications. For that a warrant – with the usual supposedly legal procedures and safeguards – is required. So everything is hunky-dory…’

1,058 People Determined to Die on Mars

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