Harvesting Rainwater

Do It And How

From the people at buildipedia:

According to the Environment Agency, harvesting rainwater has the following benefits:

  • Reduced demand for available resources.
  • Reduced risk of pollution, as less rainwater is discharged to drains and sewers, and ultimately, to rivers. “Environmentally harvesting rainwater significantly contributes to a decrease in pollution of storm water and keeping our waterways clean by slowing down surface runoff,” according to Kim Usry, ARCSA, AP, owner of H2o Collect in Richmond, Virginia.
  • Reduced water bills. Approximately 37% of domestic property owners and nearly all industrial and commercial property owners will experience a notable decrease in water cost. “Irrigation is one of our most costly water expenses. Using harvested water for irrigation alone could save a home a lot of money,” Usry explained.
  • Reduced risk of flooding and damage. Excessive rainwater is often the cause of flooded sewers, leaky basements, and eroded foundations. Harvesting rainwater helps safeguard homes…

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