Now Violin Memory’s COO has left


Just a few weeks after its CTO left and its CEO was fired, flash storage pioneer Violin Memory is out another top executive: Chief Operating Officer Dixon Doll, Jr. A press release announcing the departure says Doll left “to pursue other personal and professional opportunities.”

Violin has had a rough few months. The company’s initial public offering underperformed in September, and its stock dropped even further upon revelations that Violin had misrepresented certain costs and sales prospects in its S-1 filing leading up to the IPO. Those actions led to the instigation of several potential class-action lawsuits and the termination of CEO Don Basile on Dec. 16. Chairman of the Board Howard Bain III is currently the interim CEO as Violin seeks a permanent replacement.

Violin CTO Jonathan Goldrick resigned shortly before Basile’s termination.

Whether the executive changes result in a meaningful turnaround for the company — which sells very high-performance, very…

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