Pic A Moment Lets You Discover Public Instagram Photos From Moments – Or Even Months – Ago


If you’ve ever wanted to travel back through time to see what was happening in a given location on a particular date, a new, simply designed mobile application called Pic A Moment can help. The app is an Instagram search engine of sorts, allowing you to enter in a place name – be it a city, a business, or any other venue – along with a date, in order to see all the photos snapped there for the timeframe specified.

This is less about getting a sense of what a spot may be like, the way you might by browsing through a collection of check-in photos on Foursquare, for example, and more about being able to research and draw from a collection of public photos related to some event, like a music concert, sporting event, or some sort of breaking news happening.

The app itself is easy to use: you…

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