Why are phones continuing to get bigger? (Hint: Think post-PC)


It wasn’t that long ago when a 4-inch phone was considered big. These days, however, 5-inch handsets are approaching the norm for many and most the latest and greatest pieces of mobile hardware have even larger screens, with some crossing the 6-inch mark. Considering the first “phablet” — Samsung’s original Galaxy Note — arrived in 2011 and created a class of phones that has often been ridiculed, what’s causing handset makers to create more large smartphones now?

The signs were there a few years ago

There are a few reasons for this change; I’ve touched upon them before and throughout the large-screened phone movement. In August of 2012, I boldly proclaimed that tablets will replace smartphones. I understandably caught a fair amount of grief and skepticism back then, but this current trend is exactly what I was thinking: Larger screened devices in the form of small tablets — or big…

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