Ready, Stare, Fire! Tobii and SteelSeries Plan Eye Tracking for Games


Imagine a first-person shooter where aiming at enemies is as simple as focusing on them with your eyes.

It could happen with the first eye controller for PC gaming, from SteelSeries and eye-tracking firm Tobii. The two companies plan to release the device later this year.

I wrote about the gaming possibilities of eye controls after interviewing Carl Korobkin, Tobii’s vice president of OEM solutions, last September.

He described a scenario where a Starcraft 2 player could open the game’s mini-map and quickly move between areas without dragging the mouse cursor.

“If you play Starcraft at all, it’s a lot of twitch factor,” Korobkin said. “So you’re navigating through the landscape with just machine-gun, rapid-fire decisions.”

Eye tracking could also enable new kinds of games. As an example, Korobkin talked about a detective-type game where you’re investigating a crime, and people at the scene will react differently based on how…

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