Dish Introduces New Joey Set-Top Boxes And Dish Anywhere Apps For iOS, Android, And Kindle Fire


Satellite TV provider Dish is expanding the number of ways that viewers can gain access to its content at CES this year.

It’s doing that with support for live, recorded, and on-demand video streaming to iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire tablets and mobile devices through a new group of Dish Anywhere apps. It’s also launching a new “troop” of Joey set-top boxes, building new functionality into the next generation of devices and introducing virtual interfaces for PS3, PS4, and LG Smart TVs.

At its presentation ahead of the show, Dish unveiled its most powerful Joey set-top box to date, the SuperJoey. Combined with Dish’s Hopper whole-home DVR, the SuperJoey will allow households to record up to eight shows at once. By adding another couple of tuners, the Hopper and SuperJoey can record four cable TV shows in addition to the four broadcast networks that are automatically recorded.

That should eliminate…

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