Garmin’s vívofit fitness band features a curved display and one year of battery life


Move over, Fitbit, there’s a new activity tracker in town. Garmin(s grmn) on Monday introduced the vívofit, its first dedicated fitness band. Though Garmin has long offered a number of fitness-focused watches and other devices, the vívofit is Garmin’s attempt to compete against companies like Fitbit, Jawbone and Nike. The vívofit looks promising, too, with an always-on curved display, personalized goals, and a whopping one year of battery life.

From the outside, the vívofit looks a lot like the Fitbit Force (see disclosure) or the Nike+FuelBand SE. It’s a watch-like band with an LCD that shows the time of day, steps, daily goals, goal countdowns, calories, and distance, which you can flip through using a small button right below the display.

The vívofit differs from most other activity trackers in that it learns your current activity level, then automatically assigns an attainable daily goal. As you meet your daily milestones…

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