My Top 3 Picks for E-commerce Portals


Of course, considering my fascination with Pinterest, there of course, is a Part II (see part I here). We are all too familiar with the whole Pinterest phenomenon. As in, any e-commerce or curation based site you go to these days looks like Pinterest (Wanelo, Wantering, and Uncovet to name a few). The visually stimulating and endless stream style design has popped up everywhere. Additionally, there are those nifty bookmarklets that lives on your task bar forever reminding you to pin it (Pinterest), buy later (Svpply), fancy it (Fancy) or clip to Polyvore. Here are my top 3 picks for unusual e-commerce portals that are a step up from Pinterest.


If any site is purely women dominated, its Polyvore with 20 million users of which 98% are women. If you’re selling to women in the fashion and lifestyle category, it’s recommended that you be on Polyvore. Regardless of…

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