Whyd, The Music Streaming Social Network, Launches Publicly After Raising $700,000 Seed Round


Whyd, the French startup that lets you curate your favourite music tracks from YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Dailymotion and various MP3 blogs, and connect with likeminded tastemakers, is ditching its invite-wall today to open fully to the public.

It’s also announcing a modest Seed round: $700,000 from private France-based investors — capital it plans to use to bolster its mobile engineering team and launch its first mobile app within the next few months.

Originally launched as an invite-only Beta in November 2012, Whyd offered music bookmarking functionality along the lines of Wayra-accelerated and UK-based Songdrop, which we described as a “Delicious for music“. Users install the Whyd bookmarklet to their browser to begin adding tracks from various online sources for later playback.

However, the Paris-based startup’s broader plan was to become a music-based social network, and last March it flipped the switch on its recommendation engine to match…

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