New All-in-One Computers Capture Center Stage at CES 2014


Tower-based desktops aren’t as popular as they once were, now that many shoppers favor mobility and compact design over the traditional desktop benefits of power and easy upgradability. One big exception: all-in-one PCs. The sleek desktop system has found a place away from office desks at the center of home and family life, as communication hubs and media centers.

At this year’s CES, we’re seeing some interesting innovations in the all-in-one computer category with the potential to shake things up as thoroughly as tablets did a few years ago.

The Samsung ATIV One 7, 2014 edition


Samsung’s new AIO, the$1,299 ATIV One 7 2014 Edition, looks pretty standard at first sight: a 24-inch full HD touch display, fourth-generation Intel Core i3 and i5 CPU, Windows 8.1 and HDMI-in for connecting cable/set-top boxes or gaming consoles.

Since all-in-ones often end up being used as media hubs, Samsung…

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