Samsung’s 12-Inch Galaxy NotePro and TabPro Try to Preempt Apple


Samsung is still trying to get the jump on rumored Apple products with the Galaxy NotePro and TabPro.

Much like Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, which was a questionable attempt at beating Apple to the smartwatch business, the Galaxy NotePro and TabPro are taking on a supposed larger productivity tablet from Apple. While no one knows what a larger iPad might look like–I suspect it’ll only be a tad bigger–Samsung’s Note Pro and Tab Pro have jumbo 12.2-inch, 2560-by-1600 resolution screens and some software features to take advantage of that extra real estate. I came away from my hands-on time impressed with the general idea, but also with some concerns.

Let’s start with that massive screen. Samsung runs into the obvious problems of making a larger tablet: It’s a lot heavier than most other touch screen devices at about 1.6 pounds, and you can’t really hold it in your hands…

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