Formisimo, A U.K. Startup Tackling Web Form Friction, Exits Beta & Launches Price Plans


U.K.-based startup Formisimo is tackling the problem of web forms that go unfilled because of factors such as confusingly worded questions, layout or formatting errors, and rogue auto-filling wreaking havoc with the user’s intentions. It offers cloud-based web analytics specifically targeted at improving the performance of forms so e-commerce companies can identify where their users are going wrong.

The startup’s basic premise is that badly designed and implemented web forms can be a serious — and often overlooked — blocker to companies converting web users into paying customers. And which online user out there hasn’t at some point given up on signing up for/paying for something just because of the tedious prospect of too many fiddly little boxes needing to be filled in.

Formisimo founder Al Mackin describes web forms as “the forgotten part of almost every conversion funnel,” and argues they are hampered further by responsibility for the forms falling…

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