Verizon cloud will let you buy your Oracle by the hour


Oracle customers who want to pay for their use of Oracle(s orcl) databases or Fusion middleware by the hour will be able to do so from Verizon Cloud, slated to be broadly available this year.

This is a pretty important enterprise software deal for Verizon(s vz) which is billing its new cloud as a safe, secure, highly-available home for enterprise applications. Both Verizon and Oracle target big Fortune 1000 companies, and this option gives them a way to migrate their on-premises applications to a hybrid or fully cloud-based model over time.

And, importantly for Oracle shops, those customers can use their existing Oracle licenses on the Verizon cloud.

To be fair Oracle software can run on Amazon(s amzn) Web Services — also in a pay by the hour mode — and also on Microsoft(s msft) Windows Azure, although I’m not sure on the pricing increments there so stay tuned for…

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