IP Addresses you probably do NOT want to Network Scan.

Ed Bell

Yesterday I had an excellent conversation with someone, and after that conversation – there was a follow-up as to what Technical Blogs and Websites do I follow.

I won’t bore you with the traditional sites, nor surprise anyone that I use LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook as News Aggregates…mostly because many of you do the same thing.

Instead, as I sat here going through things tonight – I came across a site I haven’t visited in some time, Hacking Tutorial Tips and Tricks, and I thought that some of you out there might be interested in the information I found there.

As any Network Admin knows – there are times you need to do a Ping out, or a Tracert to test connectivity to the outside world.  Now, if DNS is working, you can just type in a Fully Qualified Domain Name and be done with it.  Of course…

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