Loss of Protection for Marine Animals?

UNder the C

Recently, there have been some big changes being discussed regarding the protection regulations for two of my favorite marine animals: dolphins and grouper. Many of my peers may laugh at this, but I am the quintessential  marine biologist that has always loved dolphins and would have chosen to be a dolphin when I grew up if that was a viable option. My affinity for grouper developed more recently when I began performing coral reef surveys and counting grouper and other marine predators for my research. Both of these marine animals are worth protecting and the possible changes to their protection should be taken seriously.

NOAA’s Marine Mammal Acoustic Guidelines

As you may know, marine mammals, like dolphins and whales, use sound to navigate, hunt, and communicate. This is useful in the ocean as sound travels much farther than light. However, this property of water means that the sounds humans are introducing to…

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