NASA made Iron Man real

By Olkien


NASA Johnson Space Centre is developing a next-generation robot nicknamed Valkyrie. This huge a 6 feet 2 inch tall (1,9 metres) humanoid machine with a glowing NASA logo on its chest – a worthy response to Marvel’s superhero Iron Man, and doesn’t have no similarity with pathetic robot-cleaner that committed suicide on a kitchen hob.


According to The Verge, robot has strong legs what means it’s capable of moving around “degraded environments” typical of disaster-stricken areas, and cameras mounted on its head, body, forearms, knees, and feat, allow it to provide visual information back to its handlers. Valkyrie doesn’t require a tether, running instead on a 2kWh battery stored on the machine’s back, just like Iron Man has. Valkyrie looks, moves, and even dresses like a human, wearing layers of fabric over its metal limbs.


Valkyrie’s “father”, Nicolaus Radford, said, “These robots will start preparing the way for…

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