SwiftKey Takes Its Predictive Android Keyboard Software Into Cars With Clarion Car Stereo Tie-Up


As smartphone growth saturates — at least in mature markets — tech companies are turning their attention to cars as the next consumer frontier for their wares.

In the latest example, U.K. phone software maker SwiftKey has partnered with in-car entertainment manufacturer Clarion for their AX1 Android-powered touchscreen car stereo system — currently only available in South East Asia but due to be rolled out to the US and Europe later this year — expanding its predictive keyboard software from phones and tablets to the automobile dash.

SwiftKey said it will be providing the default keyboard across the entire AX1 device — meaning its keyboard software will be powering multiple interactions, from passengers typing directions to choosing which songs to play. The AX1 includes a web browser for surfing, email and apps access, and also supports 1080p Full HD video playback on its 6.5-inch touchscreen display. 

Moving vehicles are an obvious…

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