Testing the iPhone Stun Gun Case: Please Do Tase Me, Bro


I don’t want any sort of special attention for being tased at CES. If you’re a tech blogger, being tased at CES is a tradition almost as old as CES itself.

But after missing out on being tased in 2009 due to a scheduling conflict, I very much wanted to be tased this year and I figured the Yellow Jacket iPhone 5/5s case would be an ideal opportunity to do so. It’s the follow-up to the company’s iPhone 4/4s case that came out last year.

I wasn’t sure how much juice an accessory like this would be able to put out. It has to run off a battery, after all, and it can’t be too bulky that it’s impractical to carry around. It manages to pack just shy of a million volts – nothing to sneeze at, in other words.

The short version of my experience is that…

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