The Jalapeño Beat Maker Adds A Dash Of Spice To Your Workouts


Like most people, I depend on fast-paced music to stay motivated during my workouts, which usually consist of running around a park or flailing along to cardio fitness videos. But even adding new tracks to my playlist isn’t enough to keep me from getting bored sometimes. That’s where the Jalapeño Beat Maker comes in. It’s a portable device that you can attach to your workout gear or wear, and it remixes music in real-time based on your movements. You can hear the fruits of your labor through an Android or iOS app. The waterproof Jalapeño Beat Maker was created for snowboarding and other action sports, but its settings can be customized for a wide range of activities.

The Jalapeño Beat Maker was developed by Beat Farm, a startup that creates music-driven products, and its Kickstarter page just launched today. The project has already raised $3,700 in the past few…

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