Uber Is Popular In Nigeria? Why Today’s Mobile Apps Are Ranking Highly In Markets They Don’t Serve


On-demand ridesharing, taxi and black car services from companies like Lyft and Uber have been quickly growing their reach within new cities and countries worldwide, but they’re not yet globally available. That’s why seeing their mobile apps ranked highly in countries like Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Estonia and Mongolia seems so odd. Is this another example of growth hacking, a bug, or something else entirely?

This question was raised yesterday by private company M&A database CB Insights on its blog. While analyzing data for the various transportation services, the firm spotted this strange finding. Notes the blog post, “many of the largest players in the market are ranked (sometimes highly) even in countries where they don’t have a presence in. For example, Uber is ranked 9 in the Travel genre in Nigeria…Similarly, Lyft is ranked 94 in Barbados, while it’s website seems to suggest that they are a U.S.-only business.”

ridesharingappsThe company…

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