Give Your Dog Its Voice With VOYCE

david susilo UNCENSORED


I stumbled upon Voyce at #CES2014 by accident. Thanks to an unknown person who litter the carpet with one of the Voyce calling card, I went to the booth. After all, there was a picture of a cute dog on it, and as a dog lover, how can I resist?

When I got to the booth at The Venetian, then I realized that Voyce is not a gimmick (I thought it is some kind of a dog’s bark translator originally sold as a novelty by the Japanese toy company: Bandai, several years ago). This is because Voyce measures key vital signs and other wellness indicators through wearable technology and proprietary algorithms. Using that information, Voyce provides you (and your vet) with trends and valuable insights, helping you stay proactive about your dog’s overall health, behavior, and well-being.

CES_6312 widescreen

More than just a snapshot of activity, Voyce monitors key vital signs including…

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