Reports of cleantech’s demise are greatly exaggerated


Last Sunday’s segment on CBS-TV’s 60 Minutes, “The Cleantech Crash,” asked the question, “Is cleantech dead?” It seems to have been convenient for 60 Minutes to reinforce their chosen narrative by suggesting that cleantech is, if not yet quite dead, then on its deathbed. Moreover, according to 60 Minutes, the Obama Administration’s efforts to tip the scales away from fossil fuels in favor of clean energy technologies have been ham-handed, ineffective and pursued at a brutal cost to American taxpayers.

The actual truth is quite a bit different, indeed almost diametrically opposite.

A real industry has developed

Since President Obama took office in 2008, the cost of solar panels in the United States has dropped by 75 percent and big wind turbines have increased their net capacity factor from 20-30 percent to 50 percent for new turbines with the effect being that, in more than 20 states…

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