Apple Patents An iOS Interface That Adapts To Movement And 3D Video Editing


Apple has a couple of new patents granted by the USPTO today (via AppleInsider), one of which deals with improving its mobile software for uses particular to how we interact with mobile devices. It describes a way in which a mobile OS could alter how its interface behaves and responds to user input based on whether it detects it’s in motion or not, and could be great for on-the-go iPhone interaction.

The system invented by Apple would use sensors built into the phone to detect when a user is in motion, including the accelerometer and gyroscope. It could distinguish between walking and running, for instance, and even detect the angle at which the screen is being held. Depending on all this information, the system would intelligently modify the graphic user interface of the phone’s software to make it easier to use.

Individual UI elements might be enlarged, along…

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