Early Android Veterans Raise $18M From Accel, Google Ventures For Stealth Company, NextBit


“What? You’re raising $18 million from Accel and Google Ventures and you can’t even tell me what it is?” I ask Tom Moss, who brokered carrier and handset maker relationships for Google Android when the OS originally launched.

“You don’t look very happy,” he laughed.

He and Mike Chan, who was also an entrepreneur-in-residence at Accel Partners, are working on some kind of stealth company called Nextbit.

They can’t really say anything about the product, except that it might launch this year and that they’ve got a big glug of funding from top firms that they want to use to hire engineers. With the round, they’re getting two heavyweight mobile-focused VCs in Android founder Rich Miner of Google Ventures and Accel’s Rich Wong on their board. Wong backed Moss’ last company, 3LM, which was acquired by Motorola Mobility (before Motorola was bought by Google). So the team has…

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