Tech Finds Its Voice: The Future of Virtual Assistants


I like it when my devices speak to me. I realized this a few months back when I was using Motorola’s Moto X.

This particular smartphone has a feature called Motorola Assist, which automatically detects when you’re driving. When a call or text arrives, the device will speak to you, telling you who is calling or texting and giving you the option to respond with a voice action. I thought this was a very interesting feature.

Similarly, I have other gadgets in my home that will speak to me. Some gadgets speak to me telling me their battery is low. Some speak to me to give me reminders. But I want more. I’ve concluded that not enough of my “smart” gadgets speak to me.

Microchips are invading our electronic devices at an unprecedented pace. At CES this year, I saw connected beds, connected tennis rackets, connected shoes, and…

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