Uber And Disruption


Editor’s note: Elad Gil is a serial entrepreneur, operating executive, and investor/adviser to startups. He is an investor in Airbnb, Pinterest, Square, and Stripe. Elad was co-founder and CEO of MixerLabs which was acquired by Twitter he served as the Vice President of Corporate Strategy. Prior to Twitter, Elad started Google’s mobile team and was the first product manager on Google Mobile Maps, Mobile Gmail and other products. Elad recently co-founded a new genomics software company. Follow him on his blog and on Twitter @eladgil.

Usually an industry’s disruption happens faster than anyone anticipates. Things look like business as usual to the slow moving incumbents, who often have not faced a real market threat for a while. Then the incumbents’ business undergoes sudden, cataclysmic collapse.  Uber and Lyft are in the midst of causing this pattern to eat away at the taxi industry.

Disruption cycle copy

Below are the typical phases of…

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