Collider at the Science Museum

Inside LDN

-This exhibition is now closed-

Collider, the Science Museum’s latest temporary exhibition, gives Londoners the chance to step inside a model of the world’s greatest science experiment: the Large Hadron Collider project at CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research).

It is no exaggeration to claim that the work carried out at CERN is among the most impressive scientific research ever undertaken. The collider consists of a 27km ring of special magnets buried up to 175m underground beneath the border of France and Switzerland. The experiment generates up to 40 million particle collisions per second inside the collider, producing vast amounts of complex data to be analysed in computer centres across 36 different countries, all in aid of furthering human understanding of the 96% of the universe that we cannot see or directly detect.

It is no mean feat to capture the scale and importance of the collider experiment…

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