Cybersecurity Startup Aorato Exits Stealth With A ‘Behavior Firewall’, $10M In Funding


Make way for another startup in the area of cybersecurity: Aorato, which has developed a behavior-monitoring firewall for Microsoft Active Directory services, is coming out of stealth today. At the same time, the Israel- and New York-based company is announcing funding of $10 million, with investors including Accel, Trusteer’s co-founders Mickey Boodaei and Rakesh Loonkar, Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors and Glilot Capital Partners.

Active Directory services are used by some 95% of organizations today, and so while this may sound like a platform-dependent solution with a focus on Microsoft, it’s more wide-ranging than that. Aorato’s solution, in essence, monitors for suspicious usage of employee credentials, including multiple guessing attempts.

There have been some notable Active Directory breaches in particular that point to the problem that Aorato is trying to tackle. For example, in several advanced targeted attacks, such as Night Dragon and recent breaches at security companies Bit9 and…

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