HBO Doesn’t Care If You Share Your HBO Go Account… For Now.


Joffrey clap small The Internets are ablaze this morning after comments from HBO’s CEO about users sharing their HBO Go accounts. According to most reports out there today, the company couldn’t care less who you share your account with. Share your account with everyone! Free love forever! Hurray!

The catch: that’s… not quite what he’s saying.

Here’s the relevant clip from the BuzzFeed interview:

Now, he is saying that HBO doesn’t see account sharing as a problem for their business model. Share away! But if you listen to the entire video, it becomes quite clear that there’s a silent “…for now” at the end of each sentence.

The key bit (emphasis added):

Pleper: To us, it’s a terrific marketing vehicle for the next generation of viewers, and to us, it is actually not material at all to business growth.

BuzzFeed: So the strategy is you ignore it now, with the hopes that they’ll…

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